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Prepurchase funnel takes three to five touchpoints before the sale. It is important to capitalize your unique position in the marketplace.

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Buyers evaluate and make comparisons.

I use Google Ads to create the customer journey so that potential buyers can learn best about your products and values. I create ads that capture attention of costumer and make them assimilate with your brand as they search, browse websites or watch YouTube. I charge by project duration because it is quality, not quantity, that makes the campaign successful.

I can achieve good results after a month, but the more time I work, the better campaign is optimized for:

  • getting more sales and increasing turnover
  • reaching quality traffic thanks to advanced targeting
  • attracting local customers from your region
  • promoting your ads on prominent websites and apps
  • optimizing landing pages (infomercial copy, value proposition, UX design)
  • obtaining sustainable budget (ROI)

I do not only buy commercial space but use it in smart way.

I create ads that capture attention of costumer and make them assimilate with your brand as they search, browse websites or watch YouTube.

To get the most out of your budget and control KPIs I will:

  • Develop, implement, and manage multiple campaigns for clients
  • Collaborate with you to report and plan for growth, as needed (documented step-by-step workflow)
  • Use web analytic tools to measure effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns
  • Spot trends, possible problems or opportunities in relation to your account
  • Bring new marketing ideas
  • Produce ad copy, (graphic design and video production for display and video ads is an option)

• The story of your brand
• Analysis of the key competitors
• Brand positioning
• Choosing best channels

• Demographic and psychographic profiling
• Find similar customers already looking for your product or service
• Precise profiling connect your offer with audience interest
• Engage interactions with unique Ad copy

Frequents summaries of the development of process
Statistics and metrics with clear interpretations
Information about which steps are taken and why they are needed
Other findings and suggestions

My goal is to create for you a Google Ads strategy that offer valuable touchpoints at every stage of online purchase funnel: from getting awareness of your business to the sale. Generic formats and copy-paste practices never apply.
It takes minimum 3 touchpoints for the customer to make the purchase, I create them for maximum efficiency and with the minimum costs.

I look for creating a solution that is transparent and understandable for your business. Once the project is over, you will have a complete solution that continues running in the future without need of intervetion. All types of campaigns will complete each other to create coherent message among all touchpoint. If necessary, I create additional, seasonal campaigns scheduled to run in best periods of your business. My goal is to make profits from the campaign, so every euro invested should pay back. This takes between 2-4 months to achieve to this sustainability, depending on your business size or marketing case.

I offer in-house production of marketing assets necessary to establish a campaign. The materials will follow your brand voice and identity to support your mission and vision and promote your product best.

During the project I prepare summaries on the process. They will give you overall perspective on current milestones and goals, detailed presentation of evolution of work and interpretation of analytics and trends.
You will follow my workflow, development of ideas and explanation of choice I make so that you will have complete understanding and be able to take active role at any time.

Because the goal is to show pay per click of people who are most likely to buy from your website, my approach is to apply psychographic targeting to detect the best audience.
I also perform market research to find out what digital actions your competitors are already doing and to identify the best chances for your business to break through.

I have been working with various brands from many industries: fashion, lifestyle, healthcare, finance and food.
Taking a new business industry is an exciting opportunity because understand well how Google Ads can benefit your venture.
With me you avoid common pitfalls and discover the best opportunities and ideas for next steps.

My Name is Pawel

Front-end developer, SEM specialist, and certified Agile practitioner. I help brands performing to its full potential. With over 10 years of experience in the design, lifestyle, food, fashion, and accessories industries, I designed, developed, and promoted more than 40 websites (HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, Shopify, Drupal). I feel best in creative projects based on value proposition (audience insight and market research) and visual design. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal!

Technology is not enough.
Humans are on the frontline making things happen.

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