YouTube Channel, YouTube Ads or Both? Which to Choose for Your Brand?

YouTube Channel, YouTube Ads or both? What is the best for your brand? YouTube Channel vs YouTube Ads – pros and cons when deciding about marketing strategy. What to consider before making the first steps? How much time and budget each take and what are the returns? Before finding this out, let's start with listing the differences between YouTube Channel and YouTube Ads. YouTube Channel YouTube Ads Requires building an audience of subscribers. Allow to reach target audience immediately. Cost-free, with option to monetize. Pay per view / click. Not preferred to send viewers to your shop because YouTube algorithm promotes high metrics of viewability and channels that encourage people to watch more. Acceptable to send traffic from videos to your web shop. Algorithm suggest videos automatically or user makes an individual selection. You decide what to show, to whom and when. You adhere to YouTube policy. [...]

Remarketing. Stay Connected To Your Visitors

Remarketing. Stay Connected To Your Visitors What is Remarketing? Remarketing is a way of reaching back visitors of your website and turning them into customers. After the effort of convincing someone to click the add and once that first touchpoint has happened, it is worth continuing the relation between your business and that potential buyer... with remarketing. Correctly made remarketing strategy makes sure that the visual reminder of your shop (video add, graphic, text) is being displayed in the right time and the right place - an approach that helps you to avoid paying for empty impressions. Remarketing simply adds one more valuable step in the purchase funnel! How the Process of Setting up the Remarketing Campaign Should Look Like? First step is to have Google Analytics and Google Ads account. These accounts have to be connected, but the process is simple, a matter of verification [...]

Need a Unique Solution for Your Webshop? Are Default Theme Settings not Enough?

Need a Unique Solution for Your Webshop? Are default theme settings not enough? I offer custom made solutions according to your ideas and expectations. We begin with planning the scope of work. Your requirements are put into one list, which you follow and comment on. You are informed about each stage of the project. Work is consider done once you are good with the result. I worked fashion, lifestyle, financial and healthcare businesses. My solutions are made of user-friendly functionality and detail oriented design.

Google Ads Management. Get New Clients, Out-Stand Competitors, Pay Less for Ads.

Google Ads Management. Get new clients. Out-stand competitors. Pay less for ads. My goal is to create for you a Google Ads strategy that offer valuable touchpoints at every stage of online purchase funnel: from getting awareness of your business to the sale. Generic formats and copy-paste practices never apply. It takes minimum 3 touchpoints for the customer to make the purchase, I create them for maximum efficiency and with the minimum costs.

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